Giacondi – Sangiovese – 750ML, 1.5L

This Sangiovese comes from the infamous Sangiovese grape of Rubicone. This wine has a ruby red color with voracious hints and an intense violent scent. Dry, aromatic and with soft yet bitter aftertaste this wine is excellent with tagliatelle and grilled red meats.

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Montalto – Pinot Grigio – 750ML

100% Pinot Grigio. The “must” is treated oxidatively to achieve color and stability, thereafter reductive handling and fermentation for fifteen days at 13-15 C.

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Riva Leone – Gavi – 750ML

Produced from Cortese grape grown in Southeast Piedmont hills, this pale straw yellow wine displays green apple aromas with vanilla flavors and a certain minerality.

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Duca Di Sassari – Vermentino – 750ML

Persistent floral aromas and a dry pleasing taste with a fresh and a lively finish. It is ideal with seafood’s, fish, and salads or just refreshment on its own.

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Giacondi – Pinot Grigio – 750ML, 1.5L

Full of character and versatility; this pinot grigio has a pleasant pale yellow color and some delicate notes of exotic fruit. It is a perfect as an aperitif as well as an ideal accompaniment to grilled fish, seafood, salads and rice course.

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Giacondi – Chardonnay – 750ML, 1.5L

This Chardonnay yields a dependable, delightful, and complex dry taste. Pale yellow in color with golden glints this Chardonnay features delicate notes of ripe citrus and exotic fruits. Pairs well with shellfish risotto and sole au gratin. Serve well chilled.

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Giacondi – Trebbiano – 750ML, 1.5L

This Trebbinao is a very pleasant white wine, with a deep straw yellow color. This wine has a dry taste and some intriguing notes of white flowers in the end. Trebbiano is a perfect accompaniment to fish dishes and vegetable omelets.

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